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Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley

1.5 stars

It is a very rare day when I cannot finish a book. Especially a book I purchased. It is also a rare day when I write a consistently negative review. With that being said, I could not finish this book despite having my stubborn self fighting to make it through.

I do not understand the glowing reviews for this book. This is my first by Kristen Ashley, and according to so many GR reviews, the professional editing for this is great. I was left wondering what the editor's qualifications are. I know I do not display spectacular grammar skills, but isn't my job to. The significant amount of run-on sentences is borderline offensive. All too often I found myself breaking down a marathoner and trying hard to figure out what I just read. I was not always successful.
I took issue with the schizophrenic tendencies of the two main characters, as well. I felt like half of the time they spoke and acted like who they really are. I generally enjoyed those personalities. The other half was more like either the author's voice or the "traditional romance novel" character voice. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Regardless, things did not feel consistent. I found myself wondering if I was going to encounter the young, naive Tab or the mature, wise Tab. I had the same problem with Shy.

Another major issue I had was with all of the time jumps. I understand the need for the jumps; I can even appreciate it. The problem lies in how it is executed and it is not executed well in this book. I wish I knew ahead of time how extensive the jumps were before I started because I would have started taking notes. It was hard to keep track of how old Tab and Shy were and how long since major events occurred without keeping a tally. I really do appreciate it when authors don't waste time on unnecessary events, but there is a smoother way to do it.

I tried very hard to finish. I don't set my standards high. I don't feel like I expect too much. I'm not looking for anything life-changing or prolific; I just want to enjoy the story. I didn't take offense to the language nor did I care that Shy was misogynistic as some reviews have labeled him. I really am easy to please and passive towards so many things. This book just tried my patience and tolerance too much on what are apparently hot buttons for me. I hate to quit before I finish, but I'm left not caring enough about what happens. I feel this even knowing that Lee Nightingale has yet to resurface. Perhaps I'll finish it another day.