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Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway - Sara Gran Claire DeWitt lives a life lacking shame. Or perhaps, it is just the opposite. Perhaps she just wants us to believe she is shameless in order to enable her to believe it herself. To care less about herself and those around her. The negative views others hold against her are her excuse for continuing the destructive behavior towards herself and those around her. Or not. I don't think Claire quite knows herself. Or she knows the truth all to well.

Silette wrote: "The detective who pretends not to see the truth is committing something much worse than a mortal sin, which can only ruin her own soul--she is committing all of us to lifetimes of pain. The truth is not just something we bring to light to amuse ourselves; the truth is the axis mundi, the dead center of the earth. When it is out of place nothing is right; everyone is in the wrong place; no light can penetrate. Happiness evades us and we spread pain and misery wherever we go. The detective above all others has an obligation to recognize the truth and stand by it; the detective above all, the detective above all."

Sara Gran has a knack for making her readers root for the bizarre, drug-addicted, toxic heap that is Claire DeWitt. She should not be a likable character. Somehow, Claire is selfish and selfless all at the same time (or at least back-to-back). She has bizarre methods in life and detection and somehow manages to consistently come out on top, even when the world around her falls apart.

Claire is brilliant and crazy and it all works so very well. I enjoy her process and her line of thought. I understand her drug use and consistent acts of self-destruction. I understand so much more about Claire DeWitt than I would have thought possible. I really felt for Claire and wanted so much for her throughout this story. There are so many moments in the book that are meant to be confusing and crazy. That's just Claire. There were a few times when I was a little too confused to give this five stars. It is very possible that it's just me and I may change my mind on a second read-through.

I really enjoy reading about Claire DeWitt. Her life is dark but not without hope. The stories are crazy and twisted and irresistible. The abundance of intertwining stories can often be obnoxious and boring in too many other stories, but it somehow worked here. Even when I was able to figure things out early on in the story I wanted to keep reading because in the world of Claire DeWitt, there's no telling what you really know.