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"Don't trust your heart. Your heart is a moron."

Raw - Belle Aurora

Raw is a unique and riveting and done the right way (mostly, but no one is perfect, right?). It's one thing to have an aggressive, dominate male lead and a female lead who is in love with him despite them being complete opposites; we've seen this struggle before. It's another thing to have her question why she feels that way and to maintain her strength and intelligence. Lexi may enter this relationship naive to the lifestyle Twitch lives, but she doesn't check her brain and wits at the door. She has moments of "I can't believe I'm doing this" but only because it was new and not because it was wrong or stupid.


I was instantly hooked with this story. It was suspenseful and flowed well. There are some editing errors, but the story is so captivating that those little things are easy to forgive. I felt the character development was well-paced as well as the storyline. A big part of me is crossing fingers and toes in hope of another installment but I know I'm content with the way things are left. There isn't a cliffhanger just a glimpse of what will inevitably come. Overall, very enjoyable book!