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Great and realistic conclusion to a fantastic series

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

I am very pleased with how this series ended. Yes, I am one of Karina Halle's many superfans, but I like to think that only played a small role in my enjoyment. Halle has a knack for developing her characters to their full potential. Does that always take them where we want them to go? No, and it shouldn't. She takes the characters where they need to go and where they realistically should go. There are no big surprises here with the characters, perhaps just some broken fan hearts. I have to admit, however, that for a little while there I wasn't confident about which guy would get the girl. I thought I knew but I was not convinced anyone's fate was solidified until it was obvious. The series does lead us to an obvious conclusion (and in my opinion the right and realistic one) but there was this lingering feeling of, "my world could be flipped at any time." 

I know many people were upset that 

Ellie and Camden

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 ended up together. Here's why I believe this was what needed to happen with as little rambling from me as possible. 

Javier is a bad, bad man. Incredibly sexy but very selfish to the core and depraved. He will never change and doesn't want to. That's okay, for him. I do believe he loved Ellie the best he could, but that was nothing compared to how much he loved power. 

Ellie is the "grey" that is frequently mentioned in the series. She has been in the black but mainly hovers in that in-between. She wants to be better. She wants to stay out of the black. She wants more for herself and from love. Doesn't everyone deserve to be redeemed? To be loved genuinely and fully? Yes, she has treated people badly in the past, even Camden, but she is not a lost cause. We have seen her evolve from someone who took what she could and called it love, called it enough, to someone who discovered what it truly meant to find that person who is your home, your "moon." 

I believed in his love without remembering what kind of love it was."

This says it all! This is why Javier and Ellie could never truly be, never last. Javier may have loved her in his own way but it was and always would be selfish and self-serving. I don't care how many shady and hurtful things Ellie has done in her past, no one deserves to be shorted when it comes to love.

I've read a lot of uproar about Camden deserving better than Ellie. Does he really? He hasn't exactly been a Boy Scout throughout the years. Is his depravity on the same level as Ellie's? Not before he met her, no (I know, that says something in itself, but still...). I can't believe I'm going to quote John Mayer here, but..."you can't make yourself stop dreaming who you're dreaming of if it's who you love then it's who you love."Camden loves Ellie with his whole self and Ellie reciprocates that. Sometimes it takes one person longer to realize what is already there. 

Ellie wants redemption and love and hope and all things good and Camden can give that to her better than anyone else. Ellie would never survive as Javier's "Queen." She would either self-destruct or Javier would do it for her. What is love if it isn't the foundation? What is love if your partner isn't your home?

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This entire series has played out like a movie and it was quite the ride. I felt like the characters developed realistically and fully. I wasn't left thinking, "That just happened for no good reason." There was action, suspense, hot "romance," and closure. Karina Halle continues to deliver and I am forever a fan.