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Different feel but still good

The Redhead Plays Her Hand - Alice Clayton

I had to think about this one a little bit but I've settled on 3.5 stars, rounded up because I enjoyed the series a lot. 

This installment in the series deals with two major issues: Grace's battle with Hollywood over her weight and Jack's sudden case of douchery. 

The story has such a different feel to it than the other two. I would usually be put off by that type of change-up but the combination of my enjoyment for the series and the appropriateness of it made it easy to take. I do feel like some things were stretched out for too long and I was tempted to roll my eyes a few times, but I managed to hang in there and I'm pleased. I liked reading the media blurbs and seeing things from a different perspective. I must say I felt a bit bad about my occasional celeb-watching interests. 

It is refreshing see the issue of "skinny women being labeled as plus-sized" addressed and called-out for what it is. The issue was handled well and not too overboard. I did spend a lot of time being royally upset with Jack, however. I think his behavior is one of those areas I felt stretched out a bit too long but his shift later on was expedited at a good pace. 

Was this my favorite book in the series? No, but I still enjoyed it and I'm still a George and Gracie fan.