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Great until the twist was given the Cliff Notes treatment

Perfect Lie - Teresa Mummert

There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this book and one big thing I found lacking. I'm having a hard time rating this one because I was ready to mark it high until I got to the very end.


Let's start with a few of the good things. I thought the flashbacks were done well. They popped up at appropriate times and showed us just enough at a time. The storyline with Brock was captivating. The reader knows that something happened but we can only speculate the exact outcome until the very end. It had me twisted up a bit inside. Lie's battle with herself and her past hooked me as well. Her back-and-forth between who she is and who she thinks she should be seemed realistic to me and made me want so much for her. Her struggles weren't dragged out for ridiculous periods of time but were more like mini-battles that she waged.


Overall, I liked Abel. Now that I understand a few things better (after reading the end), I can see why he did certain things. But that brings me to the ending. Perhaps I had a problem with it because I read it at 1 a.m. but I think my issues are bigger than exhaustion. I like the twist and I like what it does to the story. I think it takes this story and makes it unique. However, my problem is with how it was executed. We have this huge build up to something and then POOF! "Let's tie this up real quick and end it." I just felt like the reader was given the Cliff Notes version of what was going on with the twist. It would have taken maybe one more chapter to let the reader grasp what was just thrown at us and make it easier to take. I liked the twist but I needed to know more of the Hows and Whys in order to buy into it. As far as the reader knows, Lie just accepts her reality without much question, and that just didn't feel true to character to me.


I'll give this 3.5 stars because I enjoyed it a lot until I was left wanting at the end. I really wanted to rate it higher but I just don't think I can without some more clarity.